Situational Strategists $895.00

There’s no such thing as a straight-line when it comes to your career. So when something seismic or unforeseeable occurs to disrupt your plan, independent advice is vital.

We will size-up your situation and provide the trusted advice you need to wisely navigate short-term obstacles keeping you focused on long-term objectives.

It’s part logic, part intuition. We haven’t seen everything, but we’ve seen a lot.

You can confidently trust us to advise you:

  • Contextual intelligence – the ability to size up a situation quickly and discern the best options
  • Diverse life and career experience as recruiters, hiring managers, HR professionals and career agents
  • There are no one-size-fits-all rules for managing your career
  • Balanced problem solving – sometimes relying on logic, sometimes intuition
    Confidential conversation

Your success long term will emerge from making prudent decisions in the short term.

Let’s start a conversation. Call The Career Sage: (704) 534-9933. Confidence is assured.

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Tuesday 12th, December 2017