Corporate Athletes

The people who engage The Career Sage are accomplished. They are the 20% who drive 80% of the results. They have led teams. Turned-around companies. Made divisions profitable. Delivered projects. And consistently met deadlines.

A corporate athlete has all of the above but they have one more thing…a motivating intangible. Something in their core that drives them to perform in their career.

Corporate athletes are the most deliberate about shaping themselves. They bend the world around their purpose. And they do it with intensity. Corporate athletes:

  • Are intelligent, fearless and restless
  • Can be ferocious
  • Have guts and grit
  • Strive to reach their full potential

But too often, they are under-valued and under-recognized. Professionals and executives hire The Career Sage to:

  • Discuss an inflection point in their company or career
  • Assess confidentially options for exiting a company
  • Break through to the next level in their career
  • Prepare to compete for an internal posting or job promotion.

We help you understand why you have been successful – in terms you have never articulated. This allows you to double-down on your strengths – which yield even bigger success.

Let’s start a conversation. Call The Career Sage: (704) 534-9933. Confidence is assured.

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Tuesday 12th, December 2017